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Russian State Ballet of Siberia UK Tour


Raymond Gubbay


Russian State Ballet of Siberia UK Tour


Multi Camera Shoot




This video was produced for a YouTube advertising campaign for the Russian State Ballet of Siberia UK Tour. This is just one in a number of videos produced to advertise the company, including an annual television ad.

Shoot and edit

Over recent years Podcats has been commissioned to film many of the company's performances with multiple cameras and behind the scenes access. This has allowed us to showcase the true variety they have to offer in their productions.

Tech and spec

The video was produced as a pre-rolling YouTube advertising campaign.

Relationship with the client

Raymond Gubbay and Podcats have been working together for more than 5 years. Our work for them ranges from multi camera shoots of big orchestral and ballet performances to video podcasts with the stars of their shows, behind the scenes documentaries, promotions for events like Christmas at Kew and TV ads. They keep us busy and we love it! 

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