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Classical Spectacular


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Classical Spectacular


Multi Camera Shoot

Vox pops




Concert promoter Raymond Gubbay first devised Classical Spectacular more than 25 years ago. He brought the laser light show from the rock concert to a classical setting and the iconic Royal Albert Hall.  It has played there twice a year ever since and more than 2 million people have experienced this potent mix of spectacle and classical favourites. Raymond Gubbay has a sure foot when it comes to knowing what his audiences like and commissioned a video to spread the word ever further. 

Shoot and edit

Podcats have made several promotional videos relating to the show but this - a multi camera shoot -  shows Classical Spectacular at its exuberant best.  As well as five camera positions in the hall we had a crew in the foyer at the interval . Any doubters prepare to be persuaded. Shooting vox pops can be frustrating and most don't make the final cut - for this project the wave of enthusiasm expressed by the people we spoke to was palpable and nearly all could have been included. See also Classical Spectacular How Good is it? - in the related links. 

Tech and spec

It was made for the Raymond Gubbay YouTube channel and for ticket outlets to embed including listings like Time Out and Ticketmaster.

Relationship with the client

Raymond Gubbay and Podcats have been working together for more than 5 years. Our work for them ranges from multi camera shoots of big orchestral and ballet performances to video podcasts with the stars of their shows, behind the scenes documentaries, promotions for events like Christmas at Kew and TV ads. They keep us busy and we love it! 

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