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Eric Whitacre's Sainte-Chappelle


Tallis Scholars


Eric Whitacre's Sainte-Chappelle


Multi camera location shoot

Live event location shoot


Animated stills

Voice over


The Tallis Scholars have championed the music of Thomas Tallis and other renaissance composers for  40 years . They marked this milestone with a live performance at St Paul's Cathedral showcasing a new piece written for them by Eric Whitacre - one of today's most exciting composers of choral music.  Podcats were commissioned to make a video of the occasion which was to be featured on the Classic FM website to promote the release of the recording of this new piece Sainte-Chapelle.  It would also feature on the Tallis Scholars' YouTube channel. 

Shoot and edit

This was a multi camera shoot at an important live event in which the cameras and crew had to blend into the background. We had access to the afternoon rehearsal with Peter Phillips in the cathedral and a ten minute window to shoot an interview with Eric Whitacre after the performance as the audience left the building.  

Tech and spec

Produced for the internet in HD

Relationship with the client

Podcats have worked closely with Steve Smith, co founder with Peter Phillips, of Gimell Records on a variety of videos to promote the Tallis Scholars. The Tallis Scholars' aficionados are passionately interested in the precision and clarity of the music and all the work we do for Steve and Peter has to reflect this. When, due to a mention in the erotic blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey, they found their recording of Spem in Alium at the top of the classical charts more than 10 years after they'd recorded it, they called on Podcats to put together a video for their Electronic Press Kit at short notice!

Still to come:  another Podcats collaboration with the Tallis Scholars to celebrate the 80th birthday of Avro Pärt

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